Keith, parish

Grid reference

NJ 427 506 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

342700 850600





Nearby places

St Maelrubha's Church, Keith (0 miles)

Kethmalruf, Keith (0.09 miles)

St Rufus Park, Keith (0.31 miles)

Lady Well, Grange (3.26 miles)

Lady Hill, Grange (3.27 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Grange, modern parish (formerly)

disjoined 1618

Contains Rothiemay, parish (formerly)

Relationships with other places

Contains Kethmalruf, Keith

Contains St Maelrubha's Church, Keith

Contains St Maelrubha's Church, Keith

Contains St Rufus Park, Keith

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Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Confirmed to the episcopal mensa of Moray by a papal legate, James canon of St Victor c. 1221, this was reconfirmed by Pope Honorarius III in 1222 (Moray Reg. nos.22, 56) [see Edindiack EDX now part of Gartly GAR, ABD, MRY Strb, x, x, x, x, xw for dating of 2nd charter - perhaps 1223]. Both parsonage and vicarage, to which was united the church of Edindivach EDX, were so annexed, the cure thereafter being served by a vicar pensioner (ibid. no.447; Ass. 400). Cowan 1967, 92. In 1618 the parish of Grange GRG was created out of part of Keith KEH (Fasti, 314). Up until 1891 Keith KEH was situated partly in BNF, partly in MOR [Elginshire]. In 1891 it was placed wholly in BNF, with no change in parish boundaries. Those subjects transferred from MRY to BNF included Allanbuie, Bogbain, Bowlins, Bush, Mulderie (Hill of, Hillockhead of & Mains of), etc. For full details, see Shennan 1892, 164. Up until 1891 Cairnie CIE was situated partly in BNF & partly in ABD. In that year the BNF part was transferred to the parish of Keith KEH. This is presumably some of the lands which had once been part of the medieval parish of Botarie (CIE BTX). Those which are now in KEH BNF (KEH, BTX) are: Pitlurg Little Pitlurg Mains of Pitlurg and Ardimannoch Newtack North Whiteley Woodhead & Whitehillock Woodlands Greenwood Marypark For more details see Shennan 1892, 165.