Kelton, parish

Grid reference

NX 760 601 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

276000 560100





Nearby places

St Oswald's Church, Kelton (0 miles)

St Andrew Street, Castle Douglas, Kelton (1.27 miles)

St Michael's Kirk, Gelston, Kelton (2.07 miles)

Gelston, former parish, Kelton (2.07 miles)

Blairmichael, hill, Kelton (2.27 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for the remains of Kelton Old Parish Church.

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Gelston, former parish, Kelton

Contains Kirkcormack, former parish, Kelton

Parish details

Kelton now including Gelston GEX and Kirkcormack KXK

Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Also known as Lockelletun the church of Cheletun was granted to Holyrood by William I as a church previously belonging to Iona [RRS ii no.141; see also ibid. no.485 p.444]. See Cowan 1967, 93 for more details and refs. Between 11723 and 1174 King William grants to Holyrood Abbey the churches or chapels in Galloway (in Galweia) in which Iona Abbey has proprietary right (que ad ius abbatie de Hij Columchille pertinent), with all teinds and other benefits (beneficiis), viz the church of Kirchecormach [medieval parish, now in Kelton], and ‘ecclesiam Sancti Andree [= Balmaghie] and that of Balencros [Barncrosh, in Tongland] and that of Cheletun [Kelton]. RRS ii no. 141. The medieval kirk of Kelton was dedicated to Oswald (ecclesie sancti Oswaldi martiris de Kelletun’ 1210 RRS ii no. 489 [32 acres of land in the territory of that same vill, granted to its church by Alan son of Roland the constable]. According to MacQueen 1973, 22 (& RRS ii p. 213), the medieval parish kirk of Kirkcormack is now included in Kelton. Kelton included also the medieval parish of Gelston GEX.