Lairg, parish

Grid reference

NC 580 072 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

258000 907200





Nearby places

Eilean Ma-Ruibhe, island, Lairg (0.35 miles)

Acheilidh, Rogart (5.61 miles)

Kilmachalmag, eccl, Kincardine SUT (7.12 miles)

Kilmachalmag, settlement, Kincardine SUT (7.3 miles)

Cnocan nam Braithrean, Creich SUT (9.54 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



In the late seventeenth century it was recorded that a fair took place at Lairg called 'St Minrie his Fair' (Geog. Coll. iii, 104). The NGR given above is for the site of the former parish church where a granite stone in the form of a font was recorded in the nineteenth century. A church was built on the site in 1794, abandoned in 1844 in favour of the new kirk at NC583065 (NMRS).

Relationships with other places

Contains Eilean Ma-Ruibhe, island, Lairg

Parish details

Lairg including much of Eddrachilles EDS

Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

The old parish of Lairg LAI included the greater part of the district called Edderachylis, which with a smaller part of the same district belonging to the ancient parish of Durness [for which see below] was in 1724 erected into a separate charge. It included 2 districts - 1. Braechat, nearly the same as the present parish of Lairg, and subdivided into two by Loch Shin, the tract lying on the south of that loch forming the ancient barony of Gruids; and 2. Edderachylis, namely the portion of that district lying south of Loch Laxford. OPS ii pt 2, 697; 697-700. The parish of Durness DUS included the district of West Moin between Loch Hope and Strathmelness, the davach of Eriboll between Loch Hope and Loch Eriboll, Durness proper (Dyrnes, Ardurnes), and the district of Parf, together forming the modern parish - and the districts of Ashir or Astlair (corruptly Old Shores) and Kerrugarbh (corruptly Kinlochbervie), attached to the modern parish of Eddrachilles EDS (for which see Lairg LAI). OPS ii pt 2, 701; 701-6.