Lochlee, modern parish

Grid reference

NO 431 801 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

343100 780100







Nearby places

Church of St Drostan, Lochlee (0 miles)

Droustie's Well, Lochlee (0.78 miles)

Bride's Bed, Lochlee (2.44 miles)

Droustie's Meadow, Lochlee (3.29 miles)

Tillyoran, settlement Lochlee (5.66 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for Glenesk Kirk of Droustie, Lochlee

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Dalbog, former parish, Edzell

Within Lethnot, former parish, Lethnot & Navar (formerly)

Contains Lochlee, modern parish

Within Lochlee, modern parish

Parish details

Lochlee formerly a chapel of Lethnot, disjoined in 1723, now part of Lethnot and Navar LNX LEN

Parish TLA




Parish notes

The church here was a chapel of Lethnot LNX LEN in 1386, the vicar of which was to serve this church, and while it may have obtained quaasi-parochial status before the Reformation, both parsonage and vicarage revenues remained with the prebendary of Lethnot (Brechin Reg. i no.17; Reg. of Pres. i, 107v). Cowan 1967, 135. ‘From the time of the Reformation to 1723, Lochlee and Lethnot made but one charge; the minister resided at Lethnot, where he had a manse and a glebe. It appears by a decreet passed in 1717 that the stipend amounted to 1000 merks Scotch, with £50 Scotch for communion elements. .. [but] in tempestuous seasons of the year the inhabitants of Lochlee remained without public worship altogether.’ OSA (new edn), 434. In 1723 Lochlee was made a separate charge, and Lethnot and Navar were joined together. ibid. 435. ‘The walls of the church [of Lochlee], although apparently very old, are still in good repair; the roof was thatched with heath till 1784, when it was covered with slates.’ ibid. 435. Aberdeen Brev. i pars. hyem. fo.xix verso (Dec. 15) under ‘Drostanus abbas’: Drostan withdraws ‘in partibus Scocie .. ubi vitam heremiticam ducens in loco qui dicitur Glenesk ecclesiam construxit’. MacKinlay ACDS:NS 214: the above Aberdeen Brev. reference is to the ‘original church of what is now the parish of Lochlee ANG. Its successor, known as the Kirk of Droustie, stood at the n.e. corner of the loch’ right by the shore. ‘The building is now a ruin, having been burned by the Marquis of Montrose in 1645. The site of the manse of Lochlee is called Droustie, and in its neighbourhood is Droustie’s Well, while at Tarfside in the same district is Droustie’s Meadow.’ (Ref. is ‘D.H. Edwards Edzell and Glenesk, 91, 98.).