Moidart, parish, Arisaig & Moidart

Grid reference

NM 720 710 (vague location)

Six-figure easting & northing

172000 771000







Nearby places

Torr Cill Uanding, Arisaig and Moidart (0.79 miles)

St Finnan's Church, episc. Arisaig & Moidart (1.26 miles)

St Finan's Chapel, Arisaig & Moidart (2.63 miles)

Eilean Fhianain, former parish, Arisaig & Moidart (2.63 miles)

Eilean Fhianain, island, Arisaig & Moidart (2.63 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)


The NGR is for the very vaguest location - somewhere in Moidart.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Arisaig & Moidart, modern parish

Parish details

Moidart part of Arisaig & Moidart AMT

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Cowan (1967, 148): 'Attempts have been made to identify this church with that of Arisaig, since the lands of Modworthe and Knodworthe with the donation of the church were granted in the reign of Robert I to Roderick, son of Alan (OPS II, i, 200) ...) This is unconvincing, however, and the church of Moidart, the major part of whose revenues pertained to Iona at the Reformation, appears to havef had an independent existence, its residual parsonage fruits resting either with the bishop of Argyll or that of the Isles.'