Migvie, former parish, Logie-Coldstone

Grid reference

NJ 436 068 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

343600 806800







Nearby places

St Finan's Church, Migvie, Logie-Coldstone (0 miles)

Coldstone, former parish, Logie Coldstone (0.79 miles)

Logie-Coldstone, parish (0.79 miles)

St John's Well, Logie-Coldstone (2.37 miles)

St John's Well, settlement, LOC (2.37 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for OS St Finan's Church.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Logie-Coldstone, parish

Relationships with other places

Contains St Finan's Church, Migvie, Logie-Coldstone

Parish details

Migvie, united to Tarland, but since 1891 part of Logie-Coldstone LOC; Strathdon STD; Tarland TLD and Towie TOW

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Migvie was granted to priory of St Andrews by Morgrund earl of Mar, and Agnes his countess 1153x78. See Cowan 1967, 147. Medieval par. of Migvie was united with Tarland TLD in early 17th c. (Fasti 113) to form the parish of Tarland & Migvie. According to A.B. Ill. ii 13 (quoting from Macfarlane's Geogr. Collections = Geog. Coll. i 24-5), the parish is bounded on the north by Strathdone & Towie, on the s. by Coldstane; on w. by Strathdone; on e. by Tarland. Gentlemen's seats are: Pronie (= Tillypronie LOC MVX); Ardgeith (STD MVX) on the Water of Deskrie, and Blackmiln (= Blackmill LOC MVX). Other places formerly in MVX, now in STD MVX, can be deduced from Shennan 1892, 183-4, from those places transferred from Tarland & Migvie to Strathdon in 1891. Apart from Ardgeith, already mentioned, these were: Candacraig STD MVX; Edinglassie STD MVX, Inverernan STD MVX, Bogforlea, Broomhill, Clashnettie, Rinnagailoch, Rippachie, Old Semeil, Skellater etc. - see Shennan 1892, 183-4 for more details. This means that MVX once stretched over to Strathdon, and up Glen Ernan (to n. of Don). MVX also stretched along the Don east of the Deskry Water; in 1891 this part was transferred to Towie (TOW MVX). The subjects thus transferred from Tarland & Migvie to Towie are listed in full in Shennan 1892, 185. They are: Culquoich TOW MVX, Barns TOW MVX and Deskry TOW MVX. In 1891, most of Migvie was transferred to LOC, with some to STD, after which Tarland & Migvie became known simply as Tarland. Those parts of MVX transferred from Tarland & Migvie to Logie-Coldstone in 1891 are listed in Shennan, 1892 182-3. They are: Pittentaggart LOC MVX; Coynach LOC MVX; Coldhome LOC MVX; Smiddyhill LOC MVX; Hopewell LOC MVX; Tillyponie LOC MVX etc. Coldstone parish CXS appears to have contained much of the barony of Kinaldie CXS now LOC, for which see RMS vi no.1050. This barony appears to have been created in 1429 in favour of William de Forbes (RMS ii no.127). The lands associated with it then are Groddie, Davach Manach, Pitmuny (in Monymusk) and Knocksoul. In 1600 the lands making up said barony are:lands of Boig (TLD, MVX), Dawachmenach, Balgrennie etc. etc..For Davach Manach see Easter Davach TLD MVX and Wester Davach LOC MVX. For place-names and early forms, see under modern parishes of LOC, STD, TLD, TOW.