Bredakirk, Eday

Grid reference

HY 555 362 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

355500 103620





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

St Mary's Church, Eday (2.26 miles)

Eday, parish (Orkney) (2.26 miles)

Peterkirk, Westray (ORK) (4.19 miles)

Point of Peterkirk, Westray (ORK) (4.3 miles)

Hannah's Kirk (4.65 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



The 'kirk' is suggestive, but the 'Breda' element may not refer to the saint, Bride or Brigid. However, it should be noted that when John earl of Carrick was granted the island and lands of Eday in 1632, and the lordship created a free burgh of barony, two fair days were granted, ‘viz 11 June nundinis Sancti Petri nuncupand. et 5 Oct., lie Sanct-Bryds-fair nuncupand., cum tholoniis, anchoragiis etc.’ (RMS viii no. 1894). Neither of these dates corresponds to the feasts of the saints so named, so it is likely that there were older fairs on their feastdays which were moved to more ‘convenient’ dates in 1632 (or perhaps earlier) but kept their names. This suggests that at least there was an annual celebration of Bride's day on Eday, and that might support the suggestion that Bredakirk is 'Bride's Kirk'.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Eday, parish (Orkney)

Within Eday, parish (Orkney)