Cill Luchaig, cemetery? KDO (Islay)

Grid reference

NR 390 452 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

139000 645200





Altitude (metres)




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Cill Mhoire, eccl. KDO (Islay) (0.78 miles)

Cill Bhride, eccl. KDO (Islay) (0.83 miles)

Tobar Moireig, Texa KDO (Islay) (0.87 miles)

Object Classification



Is linear feature?



NMRS records: The site of an ancient burial ground. Name Book 1878. A bracken overgrown circle of stones or boulders, about 15ft to 20ft in diameter, which is locally regarded as a burial place. There is no record or tradition of a chapel in the area. An old farm or croft a little to the north was known as Cuil Luchaig. F. Celoria 1960. Comparison with Clach Mo Luchaig at Fortingal suggests that Cill Luchaig may contain a commemoration of one of the saints named Luchare, Luchta or Lochein, but Watson (1926) does not mention this site. W J Watson 1926. This site, which was identified in 1878 as that of an 'ancient burial ground' (Name Book), is situated in a larch-wood 260m ENE of Laphroaig Distillery, and at the foot of the S rock-face, some 8m in height, of Cnoc Luchaig. It comprises an oval enclosure measuring about 24m from SW to NE by 13m transversely within a boundary-wall, now fragmentary, which except at the SE is formed by a single thickness of large boulders. The entrance appears to have been at the E extremity, and to the N of it there is an inner enclosure, 7m in maximum span, formed by a curving wall which abuts the outer wall and incorporates a narrow entrance in the SE sector. There are no identifiable funerary monuments. Visited April 1976. RCAHMS 1984 There are no remains of this alleged burial ground to be seen. The site falls just within the corner of a fir platation. Visited by OS (BS) 6 June 1978.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Kildalton & Oa, parish, Kildalton (Islay)