St Boswells, settlement, St Boswells

Grid reference

NT 604 303 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

360400 630300





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

St Boswellsbank, settlement (0.14 miles)

St Boswells Church, St Boswells (0.18 miles)

St Boswells, parish, aka Lessuden (0.18 miles)

St Boswell's Well, Hier Well, St Boswells (0.2 miles)

St Boswells Burn (0.26 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



There was apparently a village of St Boswells on this site, and it, rather than the saint or his church (which was at NT606305 from at least the 17th century), may have spawned the names St Boswellsbank, St Boswells Mill, St Boswells Burn. But this is by no means certain, and indeed, no early maps show the village in question so it may be a deduction rather than a reality. In this case, we should not presume the names in St Boswells to be ex nomine constructions. All might be related to either the saint or his church. There is no trace of the village now. St Boswells is now the name of the settlement formerly called Lessudden.

Relationships with other parishes

Within St Boswells, parish, aka Lessuden