Cill Choluim-chille, eccl. Ardchattan & Muckairn

Grid reference

NM 904 377 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

190400 737700







Nearby places

Allt Mhicheil, Ardchattan & Muckairn (1.8 miles)

Ardchattan & Muckairn, parish (2.72 miles)

Kilmaronag, settl. Ardchattan & Muckairn (2.85 miles)

Kilmaronaig, eccl., Ardchattan & Muckairn (3.03 miles)

Tobar Choluim-Chille, Ardchattan & Muckairn (3.25 miles)

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Is linear feature?



TO the north is settlement called Keil. A few courses of the wall remain on western side, and a slight trace on the south (1971) (NMRS). The chapel was recorded in about 1630: 'At the Westend of this Countrey of Beandirlogh verie near the seasyde below the Mountaine there is a chappell called Killchallumchill in Beandirlogh one myll from the ferrie off Connell in Lorne. In this chappell toune there is ane high hill round and plaine about, and it is verie plaine above on the toope thereoff. Ane Springand Water is on the one pairt therof And it is likelie to have been one strength or fort in ancient tymes which ancient men and woemen of that Countrey alledges that certaine gyants or strong men hes bein the builders and Inhabitants theroff and there is one kynd of graystone found in this toune, which when it is putt in the water it will not goe to the ground as other stones uses to doe, and such stones as those are not to be had in anie pairt in these countries but in that chappell toune called in English St. Columbs Chappell' (Geog. Coll. ii, 153).

Relationships with other parishes

Within Ardchattan & Muckairn, parish

Within Ardchattan, former parish, Ardch. & Muckairn (formerly)