Sennyglens-crosse, Maybole

Grid reference

NS 280 130 (vague location)

Six-figure easting & northing

228000 613000







Nearby places

Ladycross Well, Maybole (1.36 miles)

Bride's Well, Maybole (1.43 miles)

Ladycross, Maybole (1.5 miles)

Kirkbride, settlement, Kirkbride, Maybole (1.75 miles)

St Murray, settlement, Maybole (1.89 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



The NGR given is for Maybole parish, but it has not been possible to locate this object more precisely. It is described thus in 1696: 'A fourth [well] is a small neglected spring about the head of the Denines in the forsaid parish of Mayboll near to a place called Sennyglens-crosse famous for its vertue in curing cowes that are taken with the mure ill for by drinking thereof, they are healed and accordingly it is carryed far up into the moore countrey by people for this use' (Geog. Coll. ii, 4). It may be, however, that this name, recorded from manscripts by Macfarlane, is a scribal or editorial error, and should be *Pennyglens-Crosse, Pennyglen being the name of a farm in Maybole parish (NS271107). A cross named after a farm, however, is a slighty unusual thing; and further there is no well marked in the vicinity of Pennyglen on OS maps, nor does Pennyglen very obviously correspond to lying 'about the head of the Denines' - presumably the name of a burn.

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