Comraich Maolruibhe, Applecross

Grid reference

NG 712 458 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

171200 845800





Altitude (metres)




Nearby places

Applecross, parish (0 miles)

Kilvoury, ~eccles., Applecross (0.06 miles)

Kilvoury, settlement, Applecross (0.75 miles)

Eilean nan Naomh, Applecross (2.99 miles)

St Donan's Chapel, Loch Carron (8.01 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



The name means '[St]Maelrubha's Sanctuary', and is treated here as centred on the church of Applecross (the NGR given), which is at or near the site of the medieval monastic church (as indicated by early medieval carving in the graveyard and by tradition). The sanctuary itself extended some distance beyond the kirk. Indeed the whole Applecross peninsula is known as A' Chomraich, 'the sanctuary' to modern Gaels, and this seems to be the territory referred to in about 1630 as 'the Cambrich' (Geog. Coll. ii, 538). The same author remarks (p. 542): 'About the kirk of Combrich al alongs is a very rough countrey being as it wer a cory of hills hard to travail in it even upon foot. It hath a fair hieland kirk, wher hath been a girth or asylum, as the name importeth its cald Apil-cors kirk.'

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