St Leonard's Chapel, Kinghorn

Grid reference

NT 230 860 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

323000 686000







Nearby places

Burntisland, parish aka Kinghorn Wester (0.31 miles)

Aberdour, parish, ABO Fife (2.32 miles)

St Fillan's Church, Aberdour FIF (2.32 miles)

Bennet's Hill, Kinghorn (2.49 miles)

Inch Marton, aka Ecclesmartin, Aberdour (2.54 miles)

Object Classification


Is linear feature?



The NGR given is for the approximate location indicated by RMS iii no. 760 (1529), where a toft and croft called 'hostilegium' is located 'inter castrum et capellam Sancti Leonardi'. The chapel may have been associated with a hostel or hospice for pilgrims and the poor. The fact that it was beside a croft called 'hostilegium' is suggestive, and in the early thirteenth century Bishop William of St Andrews granted half the teinds of corn due to the church of Kinghorn for the support of the canons of Holyrood and of the poor and pilgrims (presumably in Kinghorn) (Holyrood Lib. no. 47).

Relationships with other parishes

Within Kinghorn (Easter), parish