Rhynd, parish

Grid reference

NO 182 185 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

318200 718500





Nearby places

Abernethy, parish PER (1.42 miles)

St Brigit's Church, Abernethy (1.42 miles)

St Madoes, parish (1.89 miles)

St Madoes church, St Madoes (1.89 miles)

Ecclesdoueanauin, ~eccles. Errol (2.33 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for Rhynd Old Parish Church, erected in the seventeenth century, but some inscribed stones suggest that there was an earlier church on the site (NMRS). For suggestions that there may have been an even earlier church (in a field called Kirkland) on Easter Rhynd farm, see NMRS discussion.


Parish TLA




Medieval diocese

St Andrews

Parish notes

The lands of Rindalgros having been granted to Reading abbey 1143x47, with the proviso that a monastery might be maintained there, Malcolm IV 1153x59 granted to the monks of R. all the teind belonging to the church of that vill (May Recs. nos. 1, 8 [= RRS i no.137 1153x59]; CDS ii no.1985 (I, 8). But it is doubful whether such a monastery was ever erected, and in 1231 the church appears in the possession of the priory of May, which itself was a dependency of Reading, and had in all likelihood possessed these revenues since the grant of Malcolm IV [see Cowan & Easson 197X, XX; May Recs. no.39). See Cowan 1967, 171 for more refs. and details. See also Rogers 1993