Sorbie St Michael, former parish, Sorbie

Grid reference

NX 417 468 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

241700 546800







Nearby places

St Michael's Church, SMX Sorbie (0 miles)

Sorbie, parish (1.3 miles)

Longcastle Kirk, Longcastle, WIG (2.57 miles)

Longcastle, former parish, Kirkinner (2.57 miles)

Barwinnock, settlement, Glasserton (2.81 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

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NGR for the site of the church of St Michael of Little Sorbie.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Sorbie, parish

Within Sorbie, parish

Relationships with other places

Contains St Michael's Church, SMX Sorbie

Parish details

Sorbie St Michael SMX united with Sorbie St Fillan SFX c.1240; united with Cruggleton CGX and Kirkmadrine/Eggerness ENX in 1635. All now Sorbie SOR.

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Medieval diocese


Parish notes

The barony of Sorbie having been divided on the death, or during the lifetime of Sir Ivo de Veteripont (Vieuxpont) c.1200, the barony of Little Sorbie and its church of St Michael SMX, passed to Ivo’s younger son, Alan de V., whose own son Robert granted the church to Dryburgh c.1220 (Dryburgh Liber no.71-73). This grant having been confirmed to the uses of the abbey by the prior and chapter of Whithorn c.1220, the church was annexed to the church of Great Sorbie c.1240, as each was unable to support a vicar, the history of the two churches then becoming one. Dryburgh Lib. nos. 74, 82-3. See also Sorbie SOR. The churches continued with Dryburgh until 1282, when the prior and convent of Whithorn agreed to pay Dryburgh 20 merks for the fruits and dues of the churches of Sorbie and Kirkfolan (Dryb. Lib. no.238). The united church thenceforward pertained to the priory of Whithorn, as it did at the Reformation, the parsonage revenues being thus annexed, while the cure was served by a vicar perpetual. RSS v no.3270, etc.. Cowan 1967, 184-5. See also CSSR iii, 177 (1431), when the church of Sourby is listed as one of the possessions of the priory of Whithorn.