Soutra, former parish, Fala & Soutra

Grid reference

NT 452 583 (general (1km))

Six-figure easting & northing

345200 658300







Nearby places

Hospital and Church of the Trinity, Soutra (0 miles)

Trinity Well, Soutra, Fala & Soutra (0.31 miles)

Fala & Soutra, parish (1.83 miles)

Fala, former parish, Fala & Soutra (1.83 miles)

St Cuthbert's Church, Channelkirk (2.97 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?


Relationships with other parishes

Within Fala & Soutra, parish

Relationships with other places

Contains Hospital and Church of the Trinity, Soutra

Contains Trinity Well, Soutra, Fala & Soutra

Parish details

Soutra part of Fala FAX and Soutra FSO; united in 1618.

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese

St Andrews

Parish notes

A parochial charge was combined with the hospital founded here c.1164, the cure being served by a perpetual vicar (Cold. Corr. cxvi; RS 503, 241). Several attempts were made to annex the hospital and its revenues in the 15th c., and this was finally achieved in 1460 by the successful annexation to Trinity College, Edinburgh. Both parsonage and vicarage teinds were then appropriated to the provost of that college, who thenceforth maintained a vicar pensioner (Cowan & Easson 1976, 192-3; Midl. Chars. 58-61, 65, 121-2). Cowan 1967, 186. Seems to have been completely in ELO till 1891 (see below). Made up of following (from Reports of Parishes, 66). The 16 husbandlands of Sowtra barnis + pendicles called Reidhall & Sowtra hill. Mentions lime quarry (lyme quarrell). A croft of land in Sowtra barnis ‘quhairof the corne teynd is led out of the paroche be the gudman of Humby about aucht aikeris of land called the Kill-croft.’ ‘Bewest the kirk of Sowtra lyeth thrie steidis called Gilstoun, Over Brotherstanis and Nether Brotherstanes’. No other lands mentioned in Reports. In 1891 Chesterhill, Gilston, Nether Brotherstone, Soutra Mains, Woodcote and Woodcote Mains were transferred from ELO to MLO. (Shennan 1892, 308).