Suddie, former parish, Knockbain

Grid reference

NH 665 547 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

266500 854700







Nearby places

St Duthac's Church, Suddie, Knockbain (0 miles)

Bennetsfield, settlement, Avoch (1.19 miles)

Belmaduthy, Knockbain (1.27 miles)

Clach Bhenneit, stone, Avoch (1.32 miles)

Hill o' Hirdie (1.69 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for St Duthac's Church, between Easter Suddie and Wester Suddie.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Knockbain,(= Kilmuir Wstr & Suddie) parish

Relationships with other places

Contains Hill o' Hirdie

Contains St Duthac's Church, Suddie, Knockbain

Parish details

Suddie now part of Knockbain KNB

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese


Parish notes

The parsonage, along with that of Kinnettes, was assigned to the chanter of Ross in the reconstitution of the chapter of Ross, which was confirmed by Pope Alex. IV in 1256 (Vet. Mon. no.clxxxii). At some indeterminate date before the 16th c., however, the 2 parsonages passed to the chancellor of Ross, who appears to have exchanged them with the chanter, who in turn received the benefice of Kilmorack. See OPS ii (2), 502; APS iii, 601; etc.). Both parsonage and vicarage fruits were apparently annexed, the cure evidently forming a united vicarage pensionary with Kilmuir Wester (Thirds 3; RSS xli, 126). Cowan 1967, 193. Knockbain was also known as Kilmuir Wester and Suddie; Kilmuir Wester KXW was united with Suddy to form Knockbain KNB in 1756 (Watson, 1904, 136). For more details see KNOCKBAIN KNB. Suddie comes from G suidhe, usually referring to a putative seat or place of contemplation of a saint. The fact that the name of the saint has not been preserved in this case might suggest that it was linked to the chief saint of the area i.e Curitan.