Beith, parish

Grid reference

NS 348 539 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

234800 653900





Nearby places

Kilbirnie Loch, Kilbirnie (1.25 miles)

St Bridget's Chapel, Beith (1.57 miles)

St Bridget's Well, Beith (1.57 miles)

St Inan's Chair, Beith (1.67 miles)

St Inan's Well, Beith (1.7 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


NGR for the site of Beith Old Parish Church, which NMRS records was 'built on the site of St Inan's Chapel, probably shortly after the Reformation'.

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Medieval diocese


Parish notes

The parsonage was appropriated to Kilwinning Abbey before 1286, in which year Robert bp. of Glasgow granted the vicarage to the monks, a transaction which was confirmed in 1333, and so continued (CPL ii, 310-11, 383; Vet. Mon. 248, 255; RSS 62, 147; MS Rental Book, 61, cited Chalmers, Caledonia vi, 557). Cowan 1967, 16. Part of Beith BEH lay in Renfrewshire. In 1891 these parts were placed in Ayrshire, so that the whole parish lay in AYR. The subjects transferred were: Blae Lochside and Shutterflat, Greenend, Shutterflat, Brownhill and part of Shutterflat. See Shennan 1892, 296. Two charters relating to lands of Giffen (all identifiable lands are in Beith parish BEH): James Lovell laird of Geffyn feus to Sir William Oliphant the following lands in J. L.’s tenement of Geffyn to wit: Mikylheyheuid’ [Meikle Heichheid/Highhead], Litilheheuid’ [Little Heichheid/Highhead], Hesliheuid [Hessilhead], Bygyard [Biggart], and Corsfled. 1325 RRS v no. 281 Lordship of Gyffin held by Hugh Montgumry consists of: Heichedis [Heichheids/Highheads], Heslyhedis [Hessilhead] and Bawgray [Balgray], Rouchwod [Roughwood] and Braidstanewarde, Braidstane [Broadstone], Ovirtoun, Begart [Biggart], Rammishede and Littillheichede [Little Heichheid]. 1505 RMS ii no. 2849.