Applecross, parish

Grid reference

NG 712 458 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

171200 845800





Nearby places

Comraich Maolruibhe, Applecross (0 miles)

Kilvoury, ~eccles., Applecross (0.06 miles)

Kilvoury, settlement, Applecross (0.75 miles)

Eilean nan Naomh, Applecross (2.99 miles)

St Donan's Chapel, Loch Carron (8.01 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

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Medieval diocese


Parish notes

The church, both in parsonage and vicarage, became a common church of the cathedral of Ross shortly after 1256, it being one of the churches of ‘Argyll’ then granted and thereafter remaining so annexed (Vet. Mon., no. clxxxii). Cowan 1967, 7. ‘The parish, chiefly mountainous, lies between the salt-water lochs named Loch Kishorn and Loch Torridon, and includes three districts: Kishorn, Applecross and Lochs. On the cost there are some small islands’ [OPS ii pt.2, 402] “The church stood at the head of the bay of Applecross on the west coast of the parish. Styled in 17th c ‘a fair hieland kirk’. The church standing in 1788 was condemned as insufficient, and the present church was built in 1817’ [OPS ii pt.2, 403] For a list of most of the lands in the parish in 1662, see OPS ii pt.2, 404. ‘From this [list] it appears that the chapel lands included nearly all the lands of the parish.’ [OPS ii pt.2, 404 - from Retours]. The parish of Lochcarron (LCA) had four detached parts, all surrounded by the parish of Applecross (APC). In 1891 the following alterations were made between the two parishes: 1. That part of Applecross which lies east of the River Kishorn and south of the north march of the Kishorn estate was transferred to Lochcarron. The subjects thus transferred were: [On the Estate of KISHORN]: Achavanie and Glenbeg (part of land); Achdoilach (land); Ardarvoch (house and grounds); Ardoch (house and grounds); Ardoch Hill (land); Ardoch Hill and Dell (farm); Laggan, Copaig (house etc.); Tornapress (farm - part); Kishorn (schoolhouse). [On the Estate of LOCHCARRON]: Achantraid (land, houses & smithy etc.); Glenmore (farm - part); Kishorn Island and Aird (part of Reraig Farm); Rhunasoul (house). All these therefore LCA, formerly APC. 2. From LCA to APC: Tullich (farm - part, land and moor). See Shennan 1892, 138-9. In 1662 John McKenzie of Aplecroce was served heir male to his grandfather Alex. McK. of Coull of the lands of Aplecroce: these included the town & lands of [note - the forms in (brackets) are from RSS quoted in OPS ii pt.2, 404, from the year 1569] Rossolis commonly called Over & Nether R. (? Rischill) Resker Toskag Barradaill (?Bonnadell) Longoll (Longoll) Keppach (Kippech) Auchmoir Sacadaill Drumley (Drumloy) Culmoir Tercherrie (Corchirie) Drumclaughan Kirktoun of Aplecroce Killiemorie Culdnakle (Coulnakill) Ardestag (Ardestang) Schildag (Scheildag) Sacrell (Satrell) Testang (Lestang) Sadilack Auchiechock (Achechork) & Culnakle [sic - cf. Culdnakle above] ?(Coulnakill) with advowson of church of Aplecroce, in parish of A. and bp. of Ross of the extent of 48 marks, with 3/4d in augmentation of the rental. ‘From this it appears that the chapel lands included nearly all the lands of the parish.’ [OPS ii pt.2, 404 - from Retours]