Boharm, parish (formerly Arndilly)

Grid reference

NJ 290 471 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

329000 847100





Nearby places

Rothes, parish (1.59 miles)

Elchies, former parish, Knockando (1.95 miles)

Dundurcas, former parish, Boharm/Rothes (2.53 miles)

Catherinebraes, settlement Knockando (2.84 miles)

St Durstan's Church, Aberlour (3.2 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


Arndilly House is supposed to have been built on the site of an old church, vestiges still remaining in the 18th century, and 20 or so oriented graves dug up underneath it in 1965 (NMRS). It may have been the site of the medieval kirk, as a Pictish Class I stone there is allegedly taken from the wall of the old kirk that formerly occupied the site (NMRS,Canmore ID: 16330 and 16341).

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Dundurcas, former parish, Boharm/Rothes


Relationships with other places

Contains Dalmeny, settlement, Boharm?

Contains Maryhill, Boharm

Contains St Nicholas Hospital & Chapel, Spey, Boharm

Parish details

Boharm formerly Arndilly.

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Medieval diocese


Parish notes

William son of William Freskin granted the church as common to the canons of Moray 1203 x 1224, and this was confirmed with the exception of the chapel of Boharm [see below], by Andrew bp. of Moray in 1239. The parsonage thereafter remained with the chapter, while the cure was a vicarage perpetual (Moray Reg. nos. 23, 31, 41; Thirds of Ben. 6; Reg. of Pres. ii, 87v). Cowan 1967, 8-9. In 1203 x 1224 the church of Arndilly (Artendol) was gifted to canons of Moray except for the teinds of wheat from 2 davochs which are beside castle of donor William son of William Freskin, that is Bucharm et Adthelnachorth ('de duabus dauachis que sunt juxta castellum meum de Bucharm scilicet Bucharm et Adthelnachorth'.) These teinds the bishop of Moray allows to be assigned to the chapel of the castle of Bucharm to support a chaplain there. However, all other offerings etc. from the living and dead, from his castle, himself and his 'familia' , belong to the church of Arndilly. Moray Reg. no. 23. Under Boharm, Cowan writes: A chapel of Arndilly throughout the pre-Reformation period, certain teinds of the chapel were reserved to its own chaplain (Moray Reg. nos. 23, 31, 41, 64). The church of Arndilly latterly stood at Boharm, the parish acquiring that name. Cowan 1967, 19. The present parish of Boharm consists of Arndilly, and Dundurcus (part). Part of Dundurcus was united with Boharm in 1782 (Fasti, 336); presumably the other part was united to Rothes at the same time, since Dundurcus and what was probably the site of the old kirk beside Kirkhill (by Dundurcus) lie in Rothes parish RHS. The church of Arndilly was afterwards moved to Boharm [no date given] Fasti 336. At Arndilly fairs were held on Marymas and Lady Day in Harvest (Fasti 336). At the Boat of Brig in Arndilly was a hospital of St Nicholas, the old name of which was ‘Hospital of the Brig of Spey’. The brig was swept away and the ferry which replaced it became known as the Boat of Brig (Fasti 336). Up till 1891 Boharm parish was partly in county of Elgin (= Morayshire) and partly in Banff-shire. In that year the whole of the parish was placed in BNF. For full details, see Shennan 1892, 162-3.