Cairnie, modern parish

Grid reference

NJ 489 445 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

348900 844500





Nearby places

St Martin's Church, (Botarie) Cairnie (0 miles)

Botarie, former parish, Cairnie CIE (0 miles)

St Martin's Well, (Botarie) Cairnie (0.12 miles)

St Carol's Church, Ruthven RVX, Cairnie (1.74 miles)

Ruthven, former parish, Cairnie ABD (1.82 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for St Martin's Church, Cairnie. Here is a church built in 1803, and the remains of St Martin's Church (1591).

Relationships with other parishes

Contains Botarie, former parish, Cairnie CIE

Contains Drumdelgie, former parish, Cairnie

part of

Contains Ruthven, former parish, Cairnie ABD

Parish details

Cairnie made up of Botarie BTX; Ruthven RVX and part of Drumdelgie DDX

Parish TLA




Parish notes

This is made up of the united parishes of Botarie (or St Martin’s Kirk) BTX, Ruthven RVX and part of Drumdelgie DDX (or St Peter’s Kirk), ‘which is considered as the most holy ground, and consecrated to the catholics’); OSA xii 127 &128. See A.B. Coll. ii 186. c.1615 part of Drumdelgie on n. side of Deveron added to Botarie (for more details see DDX). 1618 the whole of Ruthven added to Botarie, and the united parish called Botarie and Ruthven till c.1710, when the name Cairnie adopted (Fasti, 302). For more on Rathven, see CIE RVX. Up until 1891 CIE was situated partly in BNF & partly in ABD. In that year the BNF part was transferred to the parish of Keith. This is presumably some of the lands which had once been part of the medieval parish of Botarie (CIE BTX). Those which are now in KEH BNF (KEH BTX) are: Pitlurg Little Pitlurg Mains of Pitlurg and Ardimannoch Newtack North Whiteley Woodhead & Whitehillock Woodlands Greenwood Marypark For more details see Shennan 1892, 165. However much of CIE BTX remained in ABD, including Botary Mains, Shenwall, Curbrotack etc. BOTARIE BTX , Botarie CIE, ABD, MRY Strb, Martin, x, ACDS-NS, 313, Mw Erected in conjunction with the church of Elchies ECX [see KNO MOR] Botarie into a prebend of Elgin cathedral by Bp. Brice 1203x22, this was subsequently confirmed by Bp. Andrew in 1226 (Mor. Reg. nos. 69, 81). The conjunct parsonages henceforth continued as a prebend, while at some period before the Reformation the vicarage perpetual appears to have been linked to that of Botriphnie [BOT BNF] to form a single cure (Ass. 478, 489 + ; RSS vi no.2942; ibid. xlii 67v). Cowan 1967, 21. Known alternatively as St Martin’s Kirk, ACDS-NS, 313 (which cites Place-Names of Strathbogie, 196-7). DRUMDELGIE DDX, Drumdelgie now partly in Cairnie CIE & partly in Huntly HUN, ABD, MRY Strb, Peter, 18c, A.B. Illl., “ii 186, 187”, Mw [CIE DD & GLS DD] The patronage of the church had been quitclaimed by David of Strathbogie to Andrew bp. of Moray in 1226. It apparently became a mensal church shortly afterwards, as it does not appear in Bagimond’s Roll, nor does the church of Gartly (Grantully), which finally became mensal c.1250. Mor. Reg. no.30 etc. - see Cowan 1967, 48. It is also known as St Peter’s parish, or The Burnt Kirk (A.B. Coll. ii 180). The old site of the parish kirk is in CIE DDX, beside the Deveron (NJ488410). It straddled the Deveron. c.1615 a part of DDX on the north side of the Deveron was added to Botarie (BTX), while a part on the south side of the Deveron was added to Kinnoir and Dunbennan (Fasti 304). About the end of the 17th c. “several of the best farms in the east end of the parish” were taken from Drumdelgie and annexed to the parish of Glass. (A.B. Coll. ii 180, from NSA). This is presumably Mains of Cairnborrow, The Daugh of Cairnborrow etc.[not in Mor. Reg.]. RUTHVEN RVX, Ruthven now part of Cairnie CIE, ABD,MRY Strb,Brendan,20c,Fasti,302,Mw Erected along with the church of Dipple into a prebend of Moray by bp. Brice 1208x15. (Mor. Reg. nos.46-7). Cowan 1967, 175. 1618 the whole of Ruthven added to Botarie, and the united parish called Botarie and Ruthven till c.1710, when the name Cairnie adopted (Fasti, 302). See also CIE BTX (Botarie) & CIE DDX (Drumdelgie). The old parish kirk of Ruthven became delapidated in 1689; and in Ruthven (CIE RVX) ‘there is a chappel at Crommellat’ (1726 - A.B. Coll. ii 188) [= Cormalet]. “Within the bounds there were chapels at Mortlach & Haddoch, and a well of St Cyril. A fair of St Cyril was held at Ruthven” Fasti, 302. Dedicated to St Breandan (Fasti, 302), but not in Redford 1988. Note that Tillytarmont in CIE RVX], very near the county boundary ABD/BNF (Rothiemay parish) & Huntly (Kinnoir par. = XKR)