Carmunnock, parish

Grid reference

NS 599 574 (assumed location)

Six-figure easting & northing

259900 657400





Nearby places

Kilbride, settlement East Kilbride (1.94 miles)

Cathcart, parish (2.12 miles)

Rutherglen, parish (2.81 miles)

Kilbride, St Bride's Church, East Kilbride (2.87 miles)

St Mary's Church, Rutherglen (2.87 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


NGR for Carmunnock parish church, rebuilt (perhaps on site of earlier church?) in 1762.

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Medieval diocese


Parish notes

Henry son of Anselm granted the church of Carmannoc [sic - but acc. to OPS i, it was Cormannoc] to Paisley c.1180, and it was confirmed to the uses of the priory by Bp. Jocelin of Glasgow 1174-99 (Pais. Reg. 105-6, 109). For more details see Cowan 1967, 27-8. See also OPS i. The parish, formerly of small extent, was increased in 1725 by the addition quoad sacra of the barony of Drep, taken from the parish of Cathcart, and the lands of Busby from East Kilbride, all lying to the west of the Killock burn... The manor of C., which composed the original parish, is said at a later period to have passed into the hands of the Douglases; and temp. James II it became property of Hamilton. Cathkin, with its mill, belonged to the collegiate church of Bothwell. Castlemilk, or Castletoun, as long been the property of a branch of the family of Stuart. OPS i, 64. Although mentioned in Shennan 1892 (293 & 294), virtually no changes were made in 1891 (except for half a road!).