Dalserf, modern parish

Grid reference

NS 799 507 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

279900 650700







Nearby places

Dalserf Chapel, St Mary's, Dalserf (0 miles)

Dalserf, settlement, Dalserf (0.44 miles)

Dalpatrick, settlement Dalserf (0.86 miles)

Dalpatrick, eccles., Dalserf (1.06 miles)

Patrickbrae, settlement, Stonehouse (2.68 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?


Relationships with other parishes

Contains Dalserf, modern parish

Within Dalserf, modern parish

Within Hamilton, parish (formerly Cadzow) (formerly)

Parish details

Dalserf part of Hamilton HAM before Reformation

Parish TLA




Medieval diocese


Parish notes

In Cowan 1967 under Machanshire ‘also known as Dalserf’ (142). The lands of Mecheyn belonged to the bishop of Glasgow in the Glasgow Inquest c.1116 (Glas. Reg. no.1), while the chapel founded therein appears to have always been a pendicle of the parish church of Hamilton HAM, which was confirmed to the episcopal mensa of Glasgow by David I c.1150 (Glas. Reg. no.8 - where called ‘ecclesia de Cadihou’ = Cadzow - [not in RRS i or ii]). See Cowan 1967, 142 for more details. The chapel, known as Dalserf in the 15th-16th c., appears to have remained a pendicle of Hamilton at the Reformation (APS iv, 634). Cowan 1967, 142. The chapel of Machan or Dalserf was dedicated to the Virgin. Robert I granted to Walter Fitz-Gilbert the whole tenement of Machan which belonged to John Comyn (RRS v no.51). Mention is made of the chapel of St Mary of Maychan in 1320 (Glas. Reg. p.227). Note boundary charter x1222 Kelso Liber p.151 (quoted OPS i, 107) - mention of an oak marked with a cross! OPS i (108) states that Hamilton and Dalserf were not erected into separate parishes before the Reformation, but nowhere does it state when they were separately constituted. They were apparently already separate by 1568, when John Ramage, 'reader of the kirk of Dalserf' appears in the parliamentary record (RPS 1568/7/15). Not mentioned in Shennan 1892.