Durris, parish

Grid reference

NO 772 965 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

377200 796500





Nearby places

Maryfield, Drumoak (1.12 miles)

South Balbridie, Durris (1.53 miles)

Balbridie, Banchory Ternan (2.22 miles)

Balbridie Plantation, Durris (2.26 miles)

Dalmaik, settlement Drumoak (2.29 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)


NGR for OS Digimap 'St Comgall's Church'. That name does not appear on early OS 6 inch maps (1st or 2nd edition), nor have we found any evidence for this dedication in any literary source prior to James Balfour Paul, "The Incidence of Saints’ Names in relation to Scottish Fairs", in PSAS 1918. Furthermore, even this source does not offer this as evidence of the church's dedication, but only that there was a fair of St Comgall in the parish in 1699. This is not secure evidence of the church's dedication. Furthermore, an earlier record (1541) shows that there was an annual fair in Durris on the feast of St Monan (RMS iii no. 2299). It is likely that the modern OS representation of the parish kirk as 'St Comgall's Church' (appearing on OS 1:2,500 in 1968) is a modern (and mistaken) inference from the existence of the fair in 1699.

Relationships with other places

Contains Balbridie Plantation, Durris

Contains South Balbridie, Durris

Parish TLA




Medieval diocese

St Andrews

Parish notes

Cowan 1967, 56 says it remained unappropriated at the Reformation, the patronage then apparently lying with the archbishop of St Andrews (Bagimond 36, 60; A.B. Coll iii 360-61; RSS v no. 2233; ibid. lxviii, 21; Assumptions 362v, 364 v). [his complete entry]. However, he fails to mention the following from 1249: in an agreement between Bishop David of St Andrews and Arbroath Abbey regarding vicarages of churches belonging to the abbey, it is stated that the vicar of Nigg (Nyg) shall have in the name of the vicarage all the altarage and that when the bishop of St Andrews may want to be entertained (‘procurari’) by said church and by the church of Durris which are in the habit of being joined for the purpose of providing entertainment (‘procuracionibus faciendis’), the monks are to give 2 merks as a subsidy towards the entertainment (Arb. Lib. i no.236 p.169).