Eyemouth, modern parish

Grid reference

NT 944 640 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

394400 664000







Nearby places

St Abb's Well, Ayton (1.83 miles)

St Dionysius's Church, Ayton (2.19 miles)

Ayton, parish (2.19 miles)

Ebb Carrs, Coldingham (2.32 miles)

St Abbs, settlement, Coldingham (2.48 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?



NGR for nineteenth-century parish kirk.

Relationships with other parishes

Within Coldingham, parish (formerly)

until 1618

Contains Eyemouth, modern parish

Within Eyemouth, modern parish

Parish details

Eyemouth, created as a parish out of Coldingham in 1618 (RPS 1633/6/170)

Parish TLA




Parish notes

'Act in favour of the kirk of Eymouth: Oure soverane lord ... hes ratifiet and approvine and, be the tennor heirof, ratifies and approves the letter and gift of dissolutione and erectione grantit be oure soverane lords umquhile darrest father of eternall memorie, wnder his hienes great seale, of the dait the tuentie sevint day of Januar, jM vjC and auchteine yeirs, whairby his majestie, ... dissolved and dismemberit fra the paroche kirk and parochine of Coldinghame and fundatione thairof all and haill the towne of Eymouth, with all lands, aikers, tenements and cottages thairof, ... and than creat and erectit the kirk biggit in the said towne of Eymouth in ane frie paroche kirk to be callit in all tyme heirefter the paroche kirk of Eymouth' (RPS 1633/6/170). There was a detached part of Coldingham parish in Eyemouth EYM, which was transferred to EYM in 1891 viz. Highlaws (house etc. and part of farm) and Biglawburn. Shennan 1892, 320.