Fala, former parish, Fala & Soutra

Grid reference

NT 438 609 (accurate position)

Six-figure easting & northing

343800 660900







Nearby places

Fala & Soutra, parish (0 miles)

Trinity Well, Soutra, Fala & Soutra (1.57 miles)

Hospital and Church of the Trinity, Soutra (1.83 miles)

Soutra, former parish, Fala & Soutra (1.83 miles)

Keith Marischall, parish, Humbie (2.32 miles)

Object Classification

Parish (non-extant in 1975)

Is linear feature?


Relationships with other parishes

Within Fala & Soutra, parish

Parish details

Fala part of Fala & Soutra SOX FSO, united in 1618.

Parish TLA


Medieval diocese

St Andrews

Parish notes

The kirks of Soutra and Fala were united Feb. 1618 (Reports of Parishes, 64). The church, which does not appear in Bagimond, was apparently annexed to the hospital of Ednam from an early date, although proof of this is wanting till 1513. The annexation continued at the Reformation when both parsonage and vicarage revenues accrued to the hospital, while a curate evidently served the charge (RS 322, 120v; GRH Chrs. no.796; Reports on Parishes, 65). Cowan 1967, 64. Made up of following (from Reports on Parishes, 67). Lands of Fala-hall, Fala + lime quarry. The Mylne land of Fala. The lands of Broderscheill ‘being bot a gerse rowme subject to rotting in wet yeiris’. In 1627 a supplication was made to ‘the Lordis of his Majesties Commissioun’ requesting that Costertoun in Crichton par. be joined to FSO; also that Blaikscheill which is 2 & half miles from ‘thair awin paroch kirk of Keyth-humbie and within a penny stane cast to the kirk of Fala’ be joined to FSO; aso that Caikmuire Cranston par. (3 miles from par. kirk) be joined to FSO (only 1 mile from kirk of Fala). Reports of Parishes, 68. None of the above was granted: Costerton is still in Crichton par.; and in 1891: Blackshiels + Westmains of Blackshiels were transferred from Humbie HMB to Fala and Soutra, at the same time as being transferred to MLO, having been a detached part of ELO. (Shennan 1892, 308-9). [While Cakemuir Cranston was transferred to Crichton. Shennan 1892, 311.]