Féichíne m. Cóelcharna, of Fore (Fobhar)

Other names

Fechin of Fore (ODS, 180). St Vigean


His main foundations were in Westmeath and Co. Galway and he is also associated with Co. Mayo (Forbes 1872, 458). There is a Latin Life (Plummer 1910 vol 2 p 76-85) and an Irish Life made up from three lost versions (Ó Riain, 309; Kenney 1929 p 459). In none does he have any connection with Scotland. He is associated with many saints, including Caemán Brecc (Plummer 1910 vol 2 p 82n) and Munnu m. Tulcháin (Forbes 1872 p 458) and, as an ascetic, is compared with St Anthony (CGSH 712.18). He died of the yellow plague (AU) In Scotland he is commemorated at St Vigeans in Angus where a market was held on Jan 20th and possibly at Ecclefechan in Dumfriesshire (Watson 1926, 168-9). The form Mo-Fhécu appears in the place-name Lesmahagow near Glasgow (Watson 1926, 197). The name Malaechín / Malechín < Máel Fhéchin appears in the Book of Deer (Watson 1926, 322, Black 1946, 576)

Associated places

Fobar (Mart T, Mart G gloss): Fore, tl. and bar., par. of St. Feighins, co. Westmeath. Omey (Mart Do, Irish Life i - Plummer 1910 vol 2 p 79n): island in w. of Co. Galway. He is mostly associated with north and west Connachta, but in his Lives he is linked to many places including in Munster and Leinster (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 310).


AU 665.3 Dormitatio [de eodem morbo, .i. don bhuide Conaill (add H2)] Feicheni Fabair [and others] Also in Clon. group (not the H2 addition)


He has various conflicting pedigrees: the Fothairt, the Cianachta, the Luighne of Sligo, and Clann Cholmain (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 309)

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Féichíne, Mo Ecca (ns) (certain)

Related Personal Names


Féichíne (certain)


Mo Ecca (certain)

Ó Riain 1985, 243