Andrew (ns)

Other names

Andreas, Anndra


Apostle and martyr, brother of (Simon) Peter, and one of principal apostles in the Gospels. His relics were thought from an early date to be in Patras, and late in Constantinople. His cult was universal by the 6th century, with a strong cult in the west, including Anglo-Saxon Engalnd, where Hexham and Rochester both were dedicated to him in the 7th / 8th century. The arrival of his relics in Scotland is the subject of a number of versions of the St Andrews foundation legend. The actual context for the arrivla of his cult has been suggested to be the late 7th and early 8th century. See for this ODS; Taylor with Markus, Place-Names of Fife, vol. 3; James E. Fraser, 'Rochester, Hexham and Cennrigmonaid: the movements of St Andrew in Britain, 604-747' in Saints' Cults in the Celtic World, ed. S. Boardman et al., (Boydell and Brewer, 2009) 1-17

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Nov 30