Commán nephew of Fergnae of Iona

Other names

Comman of Tyrconnell (Forbes)


This ‘worthy priest’ is mentioned in VC iii.19. Commán's uncle Fergna told Commán of dazzling light he had seen in church while Columba was praying. Commán related this story to Adomnán. According to Forbes he is commemorated on March 18 (Forbes 1872, 307). Both Forbes and Watson think this may have been the saint commemorated in Islay's Kilchoman (Forbes 1872, 307; Watson, CPNS, 302). Taylor is more sceptical (Taylor 1999, 54). Note that Fergna’s genealogy provides him with a brother called Commán who, since Fergna d. 623, would have been too old to have been Adomnán’s informant (Fergna d. 623). The association of the two names may, nevertheless be telling (Ó Riain, Dictionary, 308)


Fergna of Iona, who is said to be a Briton (eg Mart G gloss, March 2), may be the son of Dubtán – one of seven – in Rec. Mai. 313.3: Sec[h]t meic Dubtain .i. Comman, Comran, Dochonna, Fergna, Pilipp, Lurint, Manchin. The subsequent entry reveals the ancestor of these seven to be Britan a quo Bretnaig ie the eponymous ancestor of the Britons (Rec. Mai. 313.2). Commán is said to be the son of Fergna’s sister. A sister, Soiben of Dún Bó, appears in the tract on the mothers of the saints; she is mother of a saint Reotaide (722.84).

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Belongs to the group Columb, Colmán, Commán, Mo Cholmóc, Mo Chommóc, Mo Chumma, Columba, Columbanus etc (ns) (certain)

Belongs to the group Commán (ns) (certain)

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Commán (certain)