Ernéne moccu Fir Roíde

Other names

‘Ernene gente Mocufirroide’ (VC III.23)


This monk is known only from VC where he sees a vision at time of Columba's death: ‘This Ernéne was himself a holy monk and is buried in the burial ground of the monks of St Columba at Druim Tuamma’ (VC III.23). Adomnán asserts that he was told the story by Ernéne himself, when Adomnán was a young man, and Ernéne old.

Associated places

Druim Tuamma (VC III.23): survives as Drumhome, south of Donegal, territory of the Cenél Conaill. Sharpe 1995 p 376)

Related Saints

Belongs to the group Ernán, Ernaíne, Mo Ernóc, Marnan (ns) (certain)

Related Personal Names


Ernán (possible)